We're passionate about our lager brewing history, but we love brewing ales too. As our brewery grew, in 2013 we began experimenting with cask ales. Our successful “Smooth Hoperator”, is a smooth pale ale and was quickly followed by the “LodeStar Festival Ale”, brewed to promote Lodestar Music Festival near Cambridge, with which Calvors is proud to be associated. Our ales are available in 9 Gallon casks, 4'5 Gallon Pins and 330ml bottles.

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Gently Hopped PALE ALE

ALC 4.0% VOL

As the name suggests, an extremely smooth, lightly hopped 4% pale ale. A blend of four quality malts delivers a well balanced body and copper colour. An aroma of soft fruit and honey and balanced bitterness are provided by additions of English hops at four different stages of brewing.



festival ale

Light Refreshing GOLDEN ALE

ALC 3.8% VOL

Lodestar Festival Ale is a 3.8% refreshing golden ale, the perfect partner to a summer festival.

We use four malts to give full body and pale gold colour, four additions of English hops provide a hoppy fruity aroma, a gentle easy drinking hop bitterness and overall crisp malty taste..

Lodestar Festival Ale is the official ale of the Lodestar Music Festival in Cambridge.